About me!

Well hello!

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Thanks for stopping by! I'm Jasmine, the owner, creator, CEO, CFO, CMO, CTO..... and heart of RainandJas (now Yay Parade Co) :)

I became fond of puns, greeting cards, and stickers at a very early age - I remember being a wee 7 year old secretly making cards for my mom and dad and painting on index cards with acrylic paints (I still have them!)
Puns have always floated around my head, as I am usually that person who will bring up a pun joke in the moment :)

As I got older into high school & college, I strayed away from making cards but bought, wrote inside, and sent cards by mail to dear friends and family during the holidays and birthdays.

When the pandemic first began in 2020, I started working from home with my 9 to 5 job and with my saved time from not having to commute (used to be 2 hrs round trip!), I started drawing and making cards again like I used to and sent them out to friends who I couldn't see as often due to the pandemic. I opened a shop and started listing my items, and the rest is history!

All my heart,
Jasmine :)

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